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If you are looking to adopt a wonderful pet (or two) or if you have, or know of, a rat in need of a home, the following list should be of help to you. Please keep in mind that this list encompasses all types of organizations ranging from rat-friendly shelters to individuals. In some cases it simply may not be feasible for the organization or individual to help you as completely as you'd hoped, but, in general, these are folks who love rats, and they will try to help however they can.

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Guidelines for Posting About Your Pet Rat(s) for Adoption:

    Whenever you post about your rat to any of these places, be SURE to include the following information:

    • your rat's gender and name
    • where you are located
    • why you need to find it a new home
    • how long you have had it
    • what its health and temperament are like
    • where you got the rat from
    • what you will include (e.g. cage, food, litter, etc.) with the adoption of your rat
    • if you are willing to help transport your rat to its new home
    Rat Fan Club Suggestions for Adopting Pet Rats

Why Adopt?

  • You're saving a life.
  • You're giving an unwanted or homeless rat a chance to love and to be loved.
  • You're not rewarding feeder breeders and the pet stores that sell feeder rats for doing what they do.
  • In the case of surprise litters, you're getting a very healthy, very spoiled, very friendly pet. And helping a fellow rat-lover out.
  • If you have an older girl, you're finding her a companion that is closer to her age and level of energy.
  • If you take in an older rat (or rats) you'll not have to wait for their cheeky personas to develop: Their furry little faces will be ready to immediately extend that smile on your face.

Global Resources:

    RMCA Rat & Mouse Orphans



    Sydney Small Animal Rescue

    Brisbane Rodent Rescue
      kedron, brisbane, qld
      name: louise dux
      24hr help line: 0419.7654.82
      tel: 3359.9554 yahoo message board

    Rockabye Ratties

    Rodent Rescue in Tasmania


    Small Victories Rodent Rescue | Refuge pour rongeurs Petites Victoires
      montréal et laval, québec
      web page
      contact: Jane Sorensen
      notes: We have limited fostering capacity at any time, so if you're surrendering, prepare to foster your own animal for as long as possible. We also have a few other small animals - mostly mice, some gerbils, hamsters, bunnies, etc. We are no-kill, and so we keep palliative care animals. Our adoption fees go towards their care as well as to defray adoption expenses. On parle français aussi.

    Angel's Heart Rat Rescue
      moncton, new brunswick
      contact: clark
      tel: 506.855.8813

    Toronto Humane Society
      web page
      11 river street
      toronto, ontario, m5a 4c2
      tel: 416.392.2273
      fax: 416.392.9978

South Africa:


United Kingdom:

    Scotrat Animal Rescue

    Mimi Spence - Rodent Rescue
      east london
      contact: mimi spence

    Animal Samaritans
      south-east london
      north-west kent
      web page

    Swansea Small Animal Rescue
      south wales
      web page
      tel: 01792.419.891
      contact: morgan clement

    The Rat Rehoming Centre

    Rat Rescue Centre - Noah's Ark

    Siobhan - Ratty Haven Rat Rescue

United States:

    Sea Pocklington 251 c.r. 1114
      troy, al
      tel: 334.807.0177

    Eadie's House

    Aamandas Misfits
      show low, az (northern, az)
      web page
      notes: specializing in unhomable rats

    Any Rat Rescue
      Therese Hitesman, Director
      glendale, az
      web page
      notes: we have rats in need of loving forever homes

    Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions

    Furry Friends Orphanage (RMCA)
      southern, ca
      web page
      tel: 949.770.0232
      tel: 949.631.4513
      contacts: deborah newgard, diane carson

    Lacey Stricklan
      butte county, ca (chico & orville)
      glen county, ca (hamilton & orland)

    Lorie's Little Angels Small Animal Rescue/Sanctuary

    Bay Area Rats Rescue
      san rafael, ca
      contact: debra jenkins
      web page
      notes: A networking and informational source for adopting, rehoming and providing general care for small companion animals including rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds.

    Boulder Rats
      boulder, co
      contact: cindy goehring

    Charming Tails Rattery and Rescue

    Hope Habitat Small Animal Rescue, Inc
      milton, de
      web page
      tel: 302.684.5099
      contact: heidi hansen

    Candy Ganyo

    Serendipity Rodentry and Rescue

    Willsie's Rattie Rescue
      rome, georgia
      aim: meeeeeeepers

    Second Star Rat Rescue

    Happy Endings Rat Rescue & Retirement

    Dawn's Rat Rescue
      cedar falls, ia
      tel: 319.239.8145
      contact: dawn mclarnan

    Susan Craig
      Winfield, KS
      specializing in disabled/special needs rats

    Rattie Love Rescue
      contact: kimberly
      cincinnati, oh (& tri-state area)
      web page

    Boone County Animal Care and Control

    Highroad Animal Rescue
      adrian, mi
      tel: 517.266.9876
      contact: lara

    Marquette County Humane Society
      serving northern michigan
      84 snowfied road
      negaunee, mi 49866
      tel: 906.475.6661
      web page

    Royal Ratty Rescue
      lansing, mi
      tel: 517.974.4577
      tel: 248.760.5675

    S & T Rattery
      hillsdale, mi
      web page
      notes: Will take in rats in need of homes

    Bad Rattitude Rattery & Rescue

    Animal Humane Society

    Animal Humane Society

    BRAC Rattery & Rescue

    Peggy Jean

    Lucky Stars Rattery & Rodent Rescue

    Shika's Rattie Rescue

    Oregon Humane Society
      portland, or 97211
      tel: 503.285.7722
      web page

    Rat Allies
      p.o. box 3453
      portland, or 97217
      tel: 503.287.7894

    Rat Association of Texas
    Southern Fancy Rat Association
      dallas/fort worth, texas
      web page
      contact: jennifer eldred
      notes: Based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but encompass Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

    Humane Society of Utah

    The Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, & Ferret House

About this page:
This page is a resource for individuals looking to adopt a pet rat and a resource for those individuals who are in search of a home for their pet rats (in other words, this is not a breeder listing).

No matter where you are, if you run a rescue or if your organization provides a resource, a network, for individuals in search of homes for their pet rats to place those rats, please fill out this form.

If you are an individual seeking a home for your rat(s) or looking to adopt a rat, please follow the links above. I am, unfortunately, not equipped to serve as an organized means of posting your wanted/unwanted rats, however there are many, many outlets and they are listed above.

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