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Hi and thank you for taking a few moments of your time to add your own or your favorite shelter or rescue organization! If you would like to update an existing shelter listing, please click here.

The following form contains four required fields (organization name, city, state, and country which are denoted by * ) but everything else is optional. I will add, to the list of shelters all information provided so if you do not want something to be "public" please leave that field blank.

    * The name of the organization (as you would like it to appear):
    * The country in which the organization is located:
    * The state/province in which the organization is located:
    * The city/town in which the organization is located:
    Street address or P.O. Box:
    Zip code:
    Phone number:
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And if you would like a reply when the information has been added to the Shelters page, please enter in your email address here (this will not be published):

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