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This form is for any updates that are required to a listing found on the Shelters page. If you are not modifying an existing listing but would like to add a shelter, please click here.

The following form contains four required fields (organization name, city, state, and country which are denoted by * ) but everything else is optional. I will add, to the list of shelters all information provided so if you do not want something to be "public" please leave that field blank.

    * The name of the organization being updated:
    * The country in which the organization being updated is located:
    * The state/province in which the organization being updated is located:
    Please use the following areas to describe any changes or additions to the listing mentioned above.

    To aid in avoiding confusion (I do get confused quite easily), please use separate fields for each requested change (for example: If you are updating a URL and an email address, use "Change #1" to say "I'm changing the URL from whatever.com to whenever.com" and use "Change #2" to say "My email address has changed to sally@whenever.com").:

      * Change #1:

      Change #2 (optional):

      Change #3 (optional):

      Change #4 (optional):

      Change #5 (optional):

      Change #6 (optional):

    And if you would like a reply when the information has been modified,please enter in your email address here (this will not be published):

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